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In light of recent global events, there is a heightened risk of cyber-attacks. We urge local organisations to exercise additional vigilance when monitoring IT infrastructure. Please report suspicious activity to us via our Cyber Concerns Reporting Tool.

The Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS), OCSIA, and the Island’s Data Governance Forum, recently hosted a webinar asking businesses, “Should you be worried about Microsoft 365 (M365)?”.

In the one-hour webinar, Rob Bath from Intelogy and the IRMS took us through some of the basic features of M365, highlighting the risks organisations face if M365 is deployed without adequate governance.

Currently serving as the IRMS’ Digital Director, Rob is a leading solution architect and subject-matter expert of the platform’s capabilities, having overseen some of the UK’s most extensive records management architectures in M365.

We hope attendees came away with a better understanding of M365 and gained some useful tips on how to successfully navigate M365’s implementation.

Watch the full webinar here:



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