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The Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Charity Digital, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and OCSIA, recently hosted a webinar asking, ''Why are Charities a target for Cyber Criminals''

A recent survey from the UK Charity Commission led them to warn that Charities were at risk of ‘underestimating’ online fraud with one in eight charities in the UK experiencing cybercrime in the previous 12 months.

The webinar aimed to give charities the tools to protect themselves from cyber criminals. As well as exploring the basic definition of cyber security, how to prevent cyber-attacks, how to react to breaches, how to educate your team, and so much more.

The webinar also featured a 30 minute Q&A where representatives from the attending charities were able to voice their concerns and questions. Within the webinar a number of free resources were discussed and these are linked below along with a recording of the 1 hour webinar.

Charity Digital Product Exchange

(The NCSC are in the process of updating the webpage as t


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