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In light of recent global events, there is a heightened risk of cyber-attacks. We urge local organisations to exercise additional vigilance when monitoring IT infrastructure. Please report suspicious activity to us via our Cyber Concerns Reporting Tool.

Safer Internet Day 2022

Every year the UK Safer Internet Centre host ‘Safer Internet Day’ in February, focusing on a topic involved with internet safety. This year, Safer Internet Day is scheduled for February 8th, on the theme of ‘Exploring respect and relationships online’.

Younger people are spending more time online gaming and chatting with friends than ever before. There are many positive aspects of gaming and social activities online, however, with this increased activity comes the risk of cyber scams and cyber-bullying, making online safety awareness very important.

As a parent, carer, teacher or even a young gamer yourself, there are many things you can do to secure your profile online and protect yourself from cyber criminals. At a glance, here are some easy-to-implement tips:

  • Create strong passwords which do not include easily guessable words, ensuring that they are different for each account (particularly if they are important accounts with personal information).

  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA) on sensitive accounts to double up your account's security. Read more about 2FA by clicking here.

  • With the online space having more voice and video chat features, be careful of who you are talking to. Scammers can be very skilled at pretending to be someone they are not. Do not give out any personal information such as your name, address or phone number to people you meet online.

  • As a parent you can set up parental controls onto your children’s devices which can limit their time online and protect them further. Please click here to see our Parental Controls page for more information.

  • Monitor your child's activity and behaviour to make sure that they are happy and comfortable online. Ask them to tell you or an adult they can trust if they see something online that they think is suspicious or are having a negative experience for whatever reason. 

  • Educate yourself, your children or pupils about the risks involved with being online and how to best protect themselves. Our Advice and Guidance section has lots of easy-to-digest information. We have also compiled a list of useful websites below.

How to Take Part in Safer Internet Day 2022

You can take part in Safer Internet Day by attending the Safer Internet Day Conference which includes representatives from many large organisations such as Google and Microsoft. Find out more at

Don’t worry if you cannot attend the conference, a great way to be involved is to discuss safe internet practices with all age groups to help educate others, or if you are unsure on how to keep safe online, spend some time teaching yourself good internet habits.

Useful Websites

Official UK Internet Safety Centre website:

BBC Safer Internet Day Live Lesson:

Internet Safety Charity website:

Ideas for ways to spread safety internet day and cyber safety within schools:

Safer Internet Day Resources (Our Safer Schools - school year groups):


Downloadable Documents

Safer Internet Day 2022 Infographic (PDF)

Tips for Young Gamers Infographic (PDF)

Tips for Parents Infographic (PDF)